Shootin' love in your direction.

Bria Valente

—Something U Already Know

Bria Valente - Something U Already Know

The Time



Grace was the B Side of 777-9311 with Vanity 6’s lead singer Vanity playing a reporter named  Bridgette Harrington who is trying to conduct an interview with Morris even though he keeps calling her Grace.


—In The Jungle

Vanity - In The Jungle 

Apollonia 6

—In a Spanish Villa

Apollonia 6 - In A Spanish Villa

Elisa Fiorillo

—Love's No Fun

Elisa Fiorillo - Love’s No Fun

Prince met Elisa during the late 80’s and they worked together until the early 90’s. Most Prince fans were introduced to her voice in 1990 when she sung the backing vocals for The Time’s song Love Machine from the Graffiti Bridge movie soundtrack. 

Prince & Kim Basinger

—Love at First Sight

Kim Basinger - Love At First Sight 

Margie Cox

—Standing At The Altar


Standing At The Altar, by Margie Cox, is the seventh track on the album 1-800 New Funk (a compilation of mostly-unreleased music largely written and produced by prince.


—Baby Don't Care


Mayte - Baby Don’t Care

Fun fact. The woman speaking Spanish in the background is Troy Beyer

Sheila E


Sheila E - Yellow